Combangio is developing a novel class of bispecific protein-based therapeutics for a number of potential disease applications in ophthalmology and oncology.


DigiSight Technologies is a software company focused on bridging the information gap between healthcare providers and mobile diagnostics using remote patient monitoring via consumer devices like smartphones and tablets. DigiSight links patient and doctor by providing a single, secure portal for providers to access diagnostic data in real time. For more information, see

Kedalion Therapeutics

Kedalion Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company focused on revolutionizing the delivery of topical ocular medicine to significantly increase patient comfort and ease of use.


Nodus Therapeutics is developing a novel class of protein therapeutics focused on immuno-oncology applications.


ViewPoint Therapeutics is a biotechnology company dedicated to the development of treatments for diseases of protein misfolding, including cataracts. For more information, see


xCella is developing and applying a novel protein analysis and engineering technology platform for discovery of new drugs and industrial products.For more information, see